Water Resources Projects (Partial List)

Fraser River Spur Dike Study, Mission, BC
Flood Control Design, District of Mission, BC
Quibble Creek Stream Restoration, Surrey, BC
2010 Vancouver Olympics Callahan Valley, BC
2010 Vancouver Olympics Boyar Creek Design, Whistler, BC
Nesters Crossing and Quick's Bottom, Whistler, BC
Lorimer Road Bridge Hydraulics, Whistler, BC
Nicklaus North Golf Course, River Engineering, Whistler, BC
Fittzsimmons Creek Channel Reconstruction, Whistler, BC
Whistler Golf Course Bridges, Whistler, BC
Riverview Creek Restoration, Coquitlam, BC
Proper Function Condition Assessment, West Vancouver, BC
Gravel Removal Fitzsimons Creek, Whistler, BC
Quick's Bottom Wetland Restoration, Saanich, BC
Langdale Creek Restoration, BC Ferries Terminal, Langdale, BC
Blenkinsop Creek Re-Alignment and Restoration, Saanich, BC
Swan Creek Hydrology & Restoration, Satanic, BC
Mystic Vale Weir Design, Victoria, BC
Weir Installation, Cranbrook, BC
Mark Creek Restoration Project, Kimberley, BC
Kimberley Creek Study, Kimberley, BC
Canal Flats Flood Study, Canal Flats, BC
Watershed Preliminary Design, Fort McMurray, AB
Dike Review, Keep Hills, AB
Stream Proper Functioning Condition Assessment, Nanton, AB
Glencoe and Tavern Creek, Mount Cook, New Zealand
Hydrological Review, Efemcukuru, Turkey
Preliminary Drainage Design, Kisladag, Turkey
Sediment Pond Review, Taos, New Mexico